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    Resolution: 320×240
    Language: Japan Dubbed w/ English Subs
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    Genres: action, drama, romance, science fiction
    Themes: Split Personality
    Plot Summary: Takeru is a typical high school student until he saves Hikari, an alien girl with no memory of her past. Committing himself to take care of her, Takeru’s life is suddenly filled with aliens and monsters.

    Episode 1 — Dawn is the Separation Between Light and Darkness
    Episode 2 — You are my First
    Episode 3 — The Two Silhouettes
    Episode 4 — Life From This Point On

    Episode 5 — School Days
    Episode 6 — Standing by the Waterside
    Episode 7 – Prelude to a Kiss
    Episode 8 — This Wonderful World
    Episode 9 — Wishing Upon a Star
    Episode 10 — Heart of Lies
    Episode 11 — Flowing With Time
    Episode 12 — The Song of My Heart


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